Top 10 Recipes of 2017

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One of my favorite things to do as the year reaches its end, is to delve into the analytics of to see which recipes you guys were making the most.  It’s always fun to see what’s been on your table.  This year, some old favorites made the list once again (including the #1 spot) and some new recipes showed up as well!  Here we go…

#10 – Hamburger Steaks

Amy says… I just made these. They were insanely good. My Daddy made hamburger steak a lot. This brought back some great memories. You were right about putting the steaks in a hot skillet. It really does bring out good flavor.



#9 – Stuffed Cabbage Soup

Eden says… I made this for dinner & it was amazing!  I’m definitely adding this to my winter meal rotation. It was so easy, but it tasted like a lot of work went into it. Thank you for the great recipe!


#8 – The Best Bread Pudding

Karri says…  O.M.T. (I worship Thor…and now this bread pudding too!) I followed the recipe exactly and this is better than bread pudding I’ve gotten at most restaurants. So. so. so. good. Decadent. Delicious. Delightful. Thank you, Stacey!


#7 – Creamy Cucumber Salad

Dayna says… One of my favorite meals was to put this cucumber salad over warm mashed potatoes! My mom could stretch the $ using veggies from our garden. Try it!


#6 – Hot Water Cornbread

Charlene says… Amazing, just amazingly good. Definition of good food. Thank you for the yummy taste of the south Stacey, spread the love.


#5 – Cheesy Sausage Dip

Terri says… This looks to be the most mouth watering version of rotel/queso that I’ve ever seen. And being a good Texas girl you can bet I have had my share of it, in my lifetime!!


#4 – Easy Stromboli

Nancy says… I’ve made this recipe & it’s fabulous!! It looks like I really worked hard to make it!! I didn’t tell them otherwise!?

With only 5 ingredients, this Easy Stromboli will be ready in about 35 minutes!


#3 – Fajita Chicken Casserole

Michelle says… This was a great dish! My family absolutely LOVED it!!! I will be putting this in my rotation. Thank you so much!!!!!


#2 – Sweet Corn Spoonbread

Doris says… This recipe is delicious! Tried a few others and they were just blah. This one is just RIGHT! Thanks!!


#1 – Slow Cooker Beef Tips and Rice

Candace says… Made this last week and my family absolutely loved it. Have a picky teenager in my house and she begged me to make it again this week. So my crock pot is in the kitchen this morning cooking away why I get the day off. Thanks for sharing.

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  1. So many good recipes! I love your cookbook, too!

  2. Linda Copeland says:

    Oh Stacey!!! They all look SO good…but the one that came in as #1 is the one I have made over and over again. I knew this was going to be a winner just reading it. It’s my go-to when I don’t know what to fix. I was the one who wanted to build a shrine for it right after I first made it. LOL There is only thing I changed after making it the first time just as your recipe was written. That was to either add a tsp. of garlic powder or use a can of Cream of Mushroom with Roasted Garlic soup. It was perfection to us after that. Thank you very much for sharing your great recipes with your online family. God bless you & yours and I wish you a happy, healthy, blessed New Year in the fast arriving 2018.
    Plenty of hugs & lots of love to all,
    Linda Copeland

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