Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick compilation of questions I’ve gotten a couple times before, so chances are you might have them too.  If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to ask me!  If it relates to a specific recipe, it’s probably better to post that question as a comment on that recipe.

My recipe didn’t turn out right!  What did I do wrong?
I wish I could tell you!  I work hard to make all of my instructions as clear as possible.  But being that I wasn’t right there in the kitchen with you, I just can’t tell you exactly what went wrong.  Do your best to let me know how things turned out and we’ll work together to see if we can figure out what happened.  I want you to be happy with the results of the recipes you try here from Southern Bite.  I’ll do my best to help.

Can I share one of your recipes?
Sure, if it’s done correctly.  The whole point of blogging is being able to share my food with you.  Feel free to share links of any recipe as you wish.  You are also welcome to share the photos as long as the photo links back to my original recipe or a link is posted with the photo.  Please DO NOT copy the entire recipe and post it somewhere else.  You are welcome to share my recipes on Facebook and other social media, including pinning the recipes to Pinterest, as long as they contain a link back to the recipe and do not include the entire recipe that has been copied and pasted.  Share away, just please do it correctly.  I realize this might seem a little confusing, so if you have questions about the correct way to share one of my recipes or photos, just ask!

When is your book coming out?
My first cookbook, The Southern Bite Cookbook: 150 Irresistible Recipes from 4 Generations of my Family’s Kitchen, came out in March of 2014.  Read more about the book here.

Can you provide nutritional info for this recipe? 
Blogging is only a small part of my life and being a husband and daddy are the two most important things.   As such, I don’t have much time to crunch numbers and figure nutritional content of my recipes.  There are several great websites out there that will allow you to enter ingredients and it will figure nutritional content for you.  This is one of them:  My Fitness Pal

Do you have a culinary degree?
I have no formal culinary training – except for being the primary cook in my household and having been cooking since I was old enough to reach the stove.  I learned from the best cooks in the world – my mother and grandmother.  My degree is in communication studies with a national certification in non-profit management.

Do you blog full-time? 
I do!  In December of 2016 I took the leap to leave my job of 13 years to focus on helping you folks get a home cooked meal on the table.  It was the biggest risk I’ve even taken in my life, but I haven’t looked back one single time.  I’m proof that when you trust God with the path he puts before you, no matter how crazy it sometimes seems, amazing things happen!

Hey, my comment was deleted!  Why?
The folks that visit this blog every day are my friends.  And if it’s not something you would say to your friend, I’m not going to let you say it to my friends (or me) either.  If you have a comment or question that is rude or non-constructive, I reserve the right to delete it.  I’m not shying away from criticism, I just don’t take kindly to tomfoolery.