Tomato Cracker Salad

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The classic flavors of a Southern tomato sandwich combine in this quick and easy Tomato Cracker Salad recipe. It's the perfect side dish to nearly any occasion the summer can throw at you!

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If there was ever a dish that defined summer, this Tomato Cracker Salad would be it for me.  I told my friends over at Southern Living a little bit about my family’s love of this humble, but tasty dish.  Be sure to visit with them to read all about it.

The classic flavors of a Southern tomato sandwich combine in this quick and easy Tomato Cracker Salad recipe. It's the perfect side dish to nearly any occasion the summer can throw at you!

Garden-fresh tomatoes combine with saltine crackers, mayo (y’all know Duke’s is my brand of choice), and some salt and pepper to create a dish that my family has been enjoying for as long as I can remember.  If you love the flavors of the classic tomato sandwich, then chances are you’re going to love this too.

The classic flavors of a Southern tomato sandwich combine in this quick and easy Tomato Cracker Salad recipe. It's the perfect side dish to nearly any occasion the summer can throw at you!

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A few things to keep in mind…

This dish is best served immediately.  The water content of the tomatoes and the mayo turn this dish soggy fast, so I like to make this at the absolute last minute.  But it’s super quick to toss together, so that’s not usually a problem.

Sometimes I’ll cut up my tomatoes and spread them out on paper towels just to allow them to wick a little moisture out to buy a little more time.

My mom never seeded a tomato.  Ever.  But I find this to be better without the seeds.  It’s an extra step, but I think it’s worth it.  But you do you.  🙂

Fresh, in-season tomatoes are best in this.  Heirloom tomatoes are even better.

Tomato Cracker Salad
Prep Time
15 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Course: Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Author: Stacey Little | Southern Bite
  • 4 medium garden-fresh tomatoes
  • 3/4 cup mayo
  • 1 sleeve saltine crackers, coarsely broken
  • salt
  • pepper
  1. Seed and coarsely chop the tomatoes.  In a medium bowl, combine the tomatoes and and mayonnaise.  Add the broken crackers and toss lightly to coat.  Add salt and generous amounts of black pepper to taste.  Serve immediately.  

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The classic flavors of a Southern tomato sandwich combine in this quick and easy Tomato Cracker Salad recipe. It's the perfect side dish to nearly any occasion the summer can throw at you!

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  1. I must admit, I was very curious about this recipe. But because I had saltines and tomatoes that I needed to use up, I have it a try. I love it! Simplistic wonderfully dry ghtful! Everyone should try thus! A wonderful surprise!

  2. Such an interesting recipe. I’ve not seen anything like this before. It is almost prime local tomato season here in Northern California and I’m excited to do this one. Thanks!

    p.s. I do the same thing with tomatoes – I cut ahead of time and let drain on paper towels. And take the seeds out!

  3. Need spellcheck! Sorry meant WONDERFULLY DELIGHTFUL! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

  4. Brenda Duos says:

    I LOVE tomato sandwiches and this sounds even better! Now that our nest is empty, a loaf of bread goes stale before we eat it so I just don’t buy it much anymore. But, I always have saltines on hand!! Perfect!

  5. OK. So I thought I was the only person in the world who indulged in this delicious recipe. Truly! We too ate it all the time growing up. My Mom swore it originated in the area where she grew up (western NC). She had stories to tell about having the tomatoes right from the garden, making this salad and having fried baloney. They were very poor. Sometimes they didn’t have the mayo, just tomatoes, crackers, salt and pepper! Thanks for bringing it up to everyone again!

    • My family has humble beginnings as well and I imagine this dish was originally a product of that. I’ve also heard it called Georgia Cracker Salad, so who knows where it came from! I’m just glad we have it! 🙂

  6. I love tomatoes and I love Miracle Whip spread on crackers so this should be good.

  7. Julia Mason says:

    I have never had this salad but would to make it . Unfortunately , I would be the only one eating it.My son does not like fresh tomatoes. My husband could not eat it because it would drive his blood sugar sky high with the crackers in it

    • This recipes scales down perfectly. Enjoy!

    • For diabetics (like me)…you could make a much smaller version.
      a few crackers and grape tomatoes sliced in half. Just make sure the
      remainder of the meal is low-carb. A few crackers aren’t going to drive
      your blood glucose too much, especially if you eat lots of fiber with
      the meal. I might add some fresh spinach to the mix. Mayo is ok…and a few
      tomatoes are ok. I will definitely try this. It will be worth a bit of insulin to
      give it a try! Thanks so much for posting!

      • Great suggestions! Thanks for jumping in to help!

        • Ben Jenkins says:

          I am a diabetic also. As for the spike in blood sugar because of the crackers is offset by the fats in the mayo (Dukes for sure). The fat slows down the rate of carb uptake. Check with your Endocrinologist. That’s what mine told me. How much it affects it? I don’t know and still would not overdo it.

  8. Patti Moss says:

    My husband LOVES fresh tomatoes, but I doubt he’d try this. I’m not crazy about tomatoes, but this intrigues me and I’m gonna try it! I think I’ll love it. 🙂 Aren’t we strange with our eating habits?

  9. Pam Elkin says:

    I love saltines with a little mayonnaise and fresh cut tomatoes. I have never thought to make a salad! Oh my goodness! What a wonderful recipe! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  10. Thanks for posting this. My mom made this yummy salad when I was growing up in Savannah. She also had a winter version (sort of) that was a can of chopped tomatoes with a pat of butter, salt & pepper and white bread toast torn into pieces and she heated it all in a sauce pan.

  11. Samantha says:

    I don’t eat fresh tomatoes, mostly because of the seeds. I just don’t like seeds in anything. I didn’t know you could seed them! I think I’m gonna try this! Thank you, Stacey!

    • I always seed tomatoes because I just don’t care for them. To make it easy, I just slice the top off and poke my fingers down in each cavity over the trash can and the seeds squirt right out. Hope you’ll enjoy!

  12. freda carter says:

    I have made this a lot. However, I make it by combing mayonnaise, sweet pickles boiled eggs and a little pickle juice together with the tomatoes. Let it chill for awhile in the fridge. just before serving add the crackers to this mixture with salt and pepper. This will have the cracker crispy and the coolness makes the salad real fresh tasting.
    this is just my way.

  13. Make this all the time but also add chopped-up boiled eggs. A favorite at our house. It is best if you wait right before you eat it to put in the crackers. I always do it when we sit down. So good and crunchy that way.

  14. For got the boiled eggs and green onions

  15. Well, this sounds good! Maybe add some cooked bacon and serve over some torn or shredded lettuce. I might have to try this. I am sure I would be the only one eating it tho. Hubby doesn’t like mayo and son doesn’t like tomatoes. I’ll just have to cut the recipe down. thanks!!

  16. Did you know that Duke and Sauer’s mayonnaise is made by the same company. Look on your Duke label and you will see that it is made by Sauers. Sauers is much cheaper and just as good. Thought I would let you know. The same tomato dish topped with butter and baked for a while becomes scalloped tomatoes and is great, too.

  17. Janice Baker says:

    Oh My Goodness! I had forgotten all about this recipe. My husband and daughter do not eat tomatoes or mayo so it got off my scope but I will make some just for me as soon as my tomatoes ripen. I am a south Georgia girl and always heard it called Georgia Tomato-Cracker salad. My parents were from South Alabama and my grandmother always made it. No way to tell where it is from but it sure is good. My family always added Vidalia onions and a squeeze of Lemon juice.

    • I’m with you. You can all it whatever you want, just don’t forget to call me when it’s ready! Love the addition of those sweet Vidalias and lemon!

  18. LisaLisa says:

    My mom makes this salad. But she adds bell pepper to the tomatoes. She adds the crackers just before serving so it will not be soggy.

  19. Angie McD says:

    I make something similar. I peel tomatoes(or not),scoop out the inside,then mix with crackers and mayonnaise and stuff back into the tomato shell!

  20. Donna Foster says:

    I wonder if I can use club crackers since that’s what I have in my cupboard. Going to give it a try.

  21. Georgia Fox says:

    Oh yum! I love tomatoes. But my mom would make breaded tomatoes for my dad with canned tomatoes. I wouldn’t eat them. But this sounds so good to me with the mayo and crunchy crackers! Can’t wait for my tomatoes to ripen and try this! Thank you!

  22. Suellen Dehnke says:

    Never heard of such a thing but I don’t think we’re going to be strangers for long. Thanks for a wonderful “new” recipe.

  23. Suellen Dehnke says:

    Google Shockingly Sweet Stewed Tomatoes. I never would eat my Mom’s stewed tomatoes but these are wonderful.

  24. I made this tonight and it is delicious. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  25. Colleen Howell says:

    I make this salad, started over 10 years ago. My coworkers knew my love of fresh tomato’s and made this for me but with 1 added ingredient chopped green onions too. I said that looks gross but I tried it and fell in love!!!!!! The taste is awesome. I have been making it ever since then, anyone who has not tried this needs to it will be a new favorite.

  26. My husband prefers Miracle Whip. Does that work out okay or does it ruin the flavor?

  27. Using pomodoro/plum tomatoes will contribute less moisture. Using pepper crackers and a buttermilk salad dressing will reduce prep time.

  28. Rhonda Bailey says:

    I have got to try this! My husband loves crumbled corn bread with petite diced tomatoes with the juice and a scoop of mayo all mixed up together. Looks awful but absolutely wonderful. I may try this since I don’t always feel like making cornbread.

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