Whiskey Hollow Baked Beans

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Baked Beans - cans

One of the perks of being a food blogger is the opportunity to try new products just hitting the market.  I politely decline most opportunities simply because I just don’t have time.  I’m also not too crazy about filling up your feed with commercials.   That being said, sometimes a product comes along that I just have to share with you… this is one of them.

Baked Beans 2

When the folks with Whiskey Hollow reached out to me about trying their new line of baked beans I figured I would give them a go since barbecue season is upon us and who can have a barbecue without some baked beans?  In my entire life, I have never, NEVER served baked beans straight out of the can.  Yes, I’ve always warmed them up, but I’ve also tweaked and added – maybe a little barbecue sauce, some yellow mustard, garlic, bacon… you get the idea.  Not only did I serve these straight out of the can, I served them at our Memorial Day barbecue to my staunchest critics – my family.  And everyone loved them.  Like major loved them; and all I did was warm them up.


Baked beans 4I served the Moonshine and Bacon flavor (mainly becasue I think baked beans have to have bacon) and they were delicious.  They’re also available in Whiskey Brown Sugar, and Whiskey Dry-Rub.  Seriously, there was so much amazing flavor packed in that can.  And despite the name, there’s not a heavy alcohol taste like I was expecting.  Just tons of rich, bold flavor.  These will definitely be a staple this summer at our house.

You can get your own can at select Walmart stores right now.  Hurry over to their Facebook page to snag a coupon, too. If you’re looking for a flavor-packed, amazingly easy side for your next barbecue, give these a try… I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Baked Beans 3
This post is sponsored by Whiskey Hollow Baked Beans, but the opinions expressed herein are my own.  Just as always, no brand could ever pay me to like something.  I only share products with y’all that my family and I truly enjoy. 
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  1. These look awesome! I’ll have to stop by a Walmart so that I can check them out.

  2. David Knight says:

    I wanted to try them but they wouldn’t sell me any because of my age.

  3. John McEntee says:

    I tried the Moonshine and bacon flavor. I added some pan seared pre-smoked sausage that I halved and cut up into slices and I also caramelized some red onions with brown sugar that I chopped up and added as well. They were delicious! Not overly sweet like bush’s baked beans or too soupy like some other brands out there. These beans have a really great balanced and robust flavor.

  4. I have never heard or seen of these. About a week or two ago, I’m going through the iBotta app and saw these. Thought, I’ll give em a try. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Will definitely be buying these for the cookout comin’ up. I almost didn’t want to eat my bbq sandwich tonight. I kept going back to the beans. Ohhh are these guud! So worth the try. I’m buyin these from now on.

  5. The whiskey rub beans are extremely hot may want to add on the can how hot they actually are. TOO HOT, to actually enjoy.

    • The first ones I had weren’t hot at all. The last can did seem a bit warmer, but I didn’t find them too hot. I guess everyone’s heat tolerance is a bit different.

    • You must be extremely sensitive to heat. I nearly had to wrestle my 6 year old daughter away so I could get some.

  6. Great beans! Nice smokey flavor. For as long as you use real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup you have a loyal customer. Thanks!

  7. Frank Schmidt says:

    We Love it!!! Where we can buy in Germany??

  8. Danny Amos says:

    I just tried your Moonshine & Bacon Baked Beans. They had an antiseptic aroma, & a funny taste to go along with aroma. No bacon flavor. Should have saved a buck & a half & bought pork&beans.

  9. Daniel D Buchholz says:

    Best baked beans I have ever had anyone who is having a barbecue this summer has to try these if you don’t you are missing out but there will be more for me

  10. Brenda Evans says:

    I just purchase a can of Whiskey Dry-Rub Baked Beans & I am in “LOVE” with
    these beans & I love the black pepper in these beans. I almost did not purchase
    the can of beans because I thought it would not live up to my taste for “Full body
    favor & I am “happy” to admit that I was “wrong”.

    Please continue to have all your different types of these beans at Dollar Tree.

    Thank you.

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