Strawberry Bread

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Strawberry BreadY’all… I LOVE this Strawberry Bread!  It’s the perfect dessert, snack, even breakfast!  Since it uses frozen strawberries, you can have this taste of summer year-round!

Strawberry Bread - PinterestShiny-versus-dark-panAs you’ll see, the recipe calls for a light-colored pan… here’s why:  The lightly colored pan reflects more heat than a dark pan and your bread is less likely to burn.  Just for illustration purposes, I baked one loaf in a dark, non-stick coated pan and one in a light-colored pan.  You can see the results.  But don’t fret, even though that loaf on the left was a little too dark, I just cut those edges off and ate it anyway.  No waste here!

Update:  I’ve had several questions about the type of strawberries I use.  Many folks have commented that their bread didn’t have the pretty pink color like mine.  Here’s a photo of the strawberries I use.  They are normally found at Winn-Dixie in the freezer section next to the frozen pie crusts.  IMG_2744Strawberry Bread - Pinterest2

Strawberry Bread
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2 loaves
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • 1 (15-ounce) container frozen sliced strawberries, thawed
  • 1 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  1. Preheat the oven to 350°. Lightly grease two light-colored loaf pans with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, sugar, baking soda, and cinnamon until combined. Stir in the pecans, strawberries, oil, and eggs. Mix until just combined. Pour into the loaf pans and bake 55 minutes to 1 hour, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the loaves comes out clean.

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  1. That bread looks delectable!!! Making some this weekend…what size pans did you use. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you use the already sweetened strawberries?

  3. I just made the Strawberry Bread- it tastes really good but it didn’t come out pink like strawberries- it looks like a regular sweet bread but with bits of strawberries in it- I expected it to come out looking like the photo- not even close! Wonder why it turned out like that-

    • What type of frozen strawberries did you use?

      • Janine William says:

        I used my own frozen strawberries that I had frozen this season-

        • That’s probably why. My guess is that the commercially available strawberries have been cooked down a touch and possibly even had some red dyes added. I would guess that’s why my version looks so pink and yours doesn’t.

          • I made this last night with frozen strawberries from Target and mine also came out like regular sweet bread (not pink) and I can’t figure out why. I was so sad but it did taste good! 🙂

          • I used the commercial purchased strawberries as suggested and mine was NOT pink either, more like a pumpkin bread color. It was not pretty as the picture. Tasted ok though.

          • That’s just so weird. I guess I need to post a picture of the container of strawberries I used. 🙂

  4. Do you drain the berries? I like the way you explained about the different pans.

  5. I made this recipe today and the loaves turned out beautifully! I used a 16 oz bag of unsweetened whole strawberries and ran them through the mini-prep. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  6. Sandra C in Moulton, AL says:

    I can’t wait to try this.

  7. Can you use fresh strawberries…

  8. I saw you on The Today Show Sunday morning and immediately visited your website. I made the strawberry bread this afternoon and it’s delicious. Shared the bread with my neighbor and she also loves it and wanted your website. I can’t wait to make the shrimp and grits. I will be making it this weekend for relatives visiting. So glad I tuned in yesterday.

  9. Can you use glass pans?

  10. Of course. You just may want to keep a close eye on them loaves while they bake as it may change the baking time. Enjoy!

  11. Hi there! Can you use the disposable loaf pans? I only have one glass loaf pan. Maybe it’s time to invest… 😉 Thanks – I can’t wait to make this!

  12. Lauren Brady says:

    I can’t wait to make this. It looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing. Love your recipes!

    And we are food dye free at our house. Kids get eczema from them all. So here is a tip on how to get that pretty pink naturally…use a touch of beet juice or smash raspberries and use a bit of the juice. They both will give a nice pink color and are so much better for you!

  13. Hey stacey! i’m making this right now, is the batter suppose to be thick and sticky-like? or is it supposed to be runny and wet? not too sure if i was supposed to use 3 large eggs?

  14. What brand of “light” loaf pans do you suggest?

    • I don’t have a favorite, per se. My collection is made up of odds and ends pieces from here and there. That being said, I recently was given a few Wilton pans and I’ve been pretty happy with those.

  15. This looks delish! Has anyone tried this recipe with alternative flours? Coconut, soy, etc?

  16. Do the strawberries you buy have a liquid in it that you include in the batter? The only frozen sliced strawberries I could find were sliced and frozen with sugar. I included the liquid because it was thick with some pieces of strawberries. Only the outside of the bread cooked after an hour.

    • Yes and yes. That’s strange. I’ve not had that issue.

      • Pink vs non-pink bread mystery solved.
        Above on March 5, 2014 you said you used no sugar added strawberries. Now you’re saying you use the ones that are in liquid with sugar. That would explain why your batter turns pink. The others above must have used the actually no sugar added (therefore no liquid) frozen strawberries.
        Is this a very sweet bread? 2 Cups of sugar plus sugar in the berries sounds like a lot.

        • Forgot to select email notification. =)

          • Not quite. The strawberries I used were “no sugar added” strawberries in liquid. I didn’t think I was contradicting myself, but maybe it sounded that way. They were strawberries in liquid but there was no sugar added. Also notice it calls for a container of strawberries and not a bag. That might also be part of the difference.

  17. Hi,

    I would like to make this bread Gluten Free! do you know if I can use Gluten Free all purpose flour in place of regular flour and do I need to add anything else to the ingredients?

    Hope to hear from you! Looks delicious.

  18. I can’t wait to try this recipe but would like to have the pink color. Can you post a picture of the strawberries you use?

    • It’s a small container (think sour cream container) of frozen “No Sugar Added” sliced strawberries from Winn-Dixie. I’ll try to get a picture the next time I’m in there. 🙂

  19. I could only find frozen strawberries with sugar, can I leave out the 2cups of sugar?

  20. I just made this bread for the second time in as many nights. My first batch didn’t come out well, but that’s on me. I love strawberries so much I had to give another go. First time (bad batch) I used fresh strawberries sliced and no nuts. The color was not pink and I don’t think it cooked long enough. Second time (good batch) I used applesauce instead of the oil. I chopped/ pureed my fresh strawberries in hopes of better chucks and pretty color. Tastes great! But alas, no pretty color. I suppose food coloring next time. Possibly some mixture of berries too.

    The frozen berries are usually “cooked” in a sugar water and that juice is what makes the color and adds moisture. Of course, you can buy no sugar added…
    For those trying to make healthier options you can use gluten-free flour, applesauce in lieu of oil, no nuts, and no processed berries (check ingredients).

  21. Unfortunately, my bread doesn’t look anything like yours after baking. That particular brand of sliced strawberries must be the trick. Can you post a pic of the back of the container that shows the ingredients? Thanks!

  22. I bought your book and planned on making the strawberry bread today. The recipe in the book is quite a bit different than this one.? I made this one and it was good. Like the others mine did not turn out pink. I used glass pans and had to cook a little longer.

  23. Sylvia Young says:

    Can this be made in a bundt pan or have you ever tried that? I don’t have 2 loaf pans and I just heard of this bread from someone at work. I really want to try it today.

  24. Evelyn Stackhouse says:

    I have made this bread several times and everyone I’ve shared with loves it. It is one of the best I have ever eaten!

  25. Going to stop @ winndixie, and get the strawberry container showed, and make this bread tonight. I bake several different flavors of breads every other few days. I’ll let you know how it is. Hoping it’s a good one ! Hoping it turns out PINK !!

  26. Got the strawberries last night. Made the bread. 4 am this morning . Excellent tasting . The colors was PINK just not as vibrant as you’re picture of the bread.
    Thanks for a awesome recipes.

  27. I baked this delicious bread a few weeks ago. I kept one for my family and shared one with our neighbors. We all loved it! I had to laugh though because the common theme for the recipe reviews seem to be how to get the pink color in the bread and as much as I told myself that color didn’t matter, it was the first thing I looked for when I sliced it 🙂 Although my bread didn’t mimic the vibrant color in your bread, the flavor was wonderful! Thank you so much for this recipe! I have added it to my permanent file 🙂

  28. WOW!! Never thought about this combination!! Definitely a need to try!!! Hugs from

  29. For those who are having trouble with color, try a box of strawberry gelatin or a few drops of red food coloring. Either of these will enhance the color.

  30. Dorothy Dunton says:

    Hey Stacey! Made this today and it turned out perfect! I am giving one to a friend, just because we don’t need to eat both! 🙂

  31. I tried this recipe with fresh and frozen strawberries. Even though I didn’t get the pink color like the pictures, I found that the frozen strawberries yielded more juice when thawed and therefore more flavor through the entire loaf.
    I’ve also found that the full teaspoon of cinnamon overpowers the strawberry, so I cut it down to half a teaspoon and it was even more amazing!
    I’ve also tried different fruit as well! I’ve done cherries, blackberries, mixed berries, mango and I have pineapple in the oven. I always froze my fruit and then thawed them for the best results. I also used applesauce instead of oil. That made the loaf a lot more moist.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  32. If I omit the cinnamon entirely would that change the taste very much? I’d love to make this to share but my sister and I are both allergic to cinnamon. 🙁

  33. Rachel Garcia says:

    Can I use agave instead of sugar?
    And would whole wheat flour be ok to use?

  34. How much applesauce should I use if I omit oil?

  35. Hi! First off I’d like to thank you for posting this delightful recipe. It’s not everyday i use the first recipe i find. But you had me at”Southern”… ? …

    I made some this evening. I absolutely loved em. My lil ones and I couldn’t help ourselves. We about ate them all in one sitting. Altho i made mini muffins instead. Seeing as I don’t actually have a loaf pan. But they were so good.


  36. Made this for the first time today. It was incredibly easy to make. I didn’t realize that I was low on sugar so I substituted with Splenda for baking. I also basted with butter after it came out of the oven. I had one bite and fell in love.

  37. Could this be made in a bunt pan?

  38. I have fresh strawberries that I picked in the freezer; do I drain whatever juice has formed from being in the freezer for a while? I froze them whole; do I cut them up or crush them?

  39. Olivia Sequin says:

    I made a few tweaks to this recipe: I used fresh whole strawberries that had been frozen. I pureed them and added that to the batter. I omitted the pecans and replaced half the oil with 1/2c plain yogurt. I baked it in a 13×9 pan for 35 minutes. They came out slightly gummy and a little less sweet than I would have wanted so I drizzles the bars with a simple confectioners glaze. They all got eaten up regardless.

  40. Hi Stacey! I love your blog, I will be checking out the other recipes. I am also a southerner, from Virginia. I wish that our state still had Winn Dixie but we don’t anymore. I came to your website from the picture of this lovely bread. I read the reviews and what I did was added a few drops of red food coloring to the batter. It was really pretty and I shared it with my boyfriend and his co-worker. Otherwise, if wanted red beet juice could be used to “dye” foods naturally but I did not have any on hand. I also used frozen whole strawberries, 12 ounces thawed and pureed. This will be made again and again. Thank you for sharing with us.

  41. So I had a whole bunch of strawberries in the freezer (and some slices strawberries and bananas for smoothies in little portion baggies). Usually for smoothies and whatnot. Then comes hurricane Irma and I’m trying to use up stuff in the freezer in case the power went out. Cue the search for strawberry recipes on Pinterest. Came across this recipe.

    Read the other comments about it not being pink, that didn’t bother me but I generally don’t like sliced strawberries in bread… the mush factor gets my texture issues going. So I pureed the strawberries and added an old box of strawberry jello for a little extra strawberry kick. Turned out AMAZING.

    Used the same recipe with the strawberry/banana mixture as well. Still came out great. Omitted the nuts and added a little bit of chocolate chips on top right before putting in the oven. Made a mixture of bread and muffins. Probably made 4 batches of this over the course of 2 days… hunkered down at my parents house with my family and they all hate me now because they all gained about 5 lbs from eating so many muffins while boarded up without power, internet, and cable. 🙂

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