My Favorite Southern Plate Recipes

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You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you instantly feel like you’ve known them for an eternity?  Yeah, that feeling.  That’s the feeling when I first met my friend Christy Jordan.

Christy and I had worked together on a few things online, but had never actually met in person – despite the fact that we only live about 3 hours away.  So in 2010, when her book tour brought her to Birmingham, Heather and I decided to make a date night out of it and headed north to meet her.  We were instant friends.

Over the years our friendship has grown into one of the most treasured relationships I have.  Christy is my sounding board, my coworker, and my trusted friend.  We talk or text nearly every day.  What we do is rather solitary, and it’s so nice to have someone that understands who I can pick up the phone and call when I need to.

But even better is that our families go together just like peas and carrots.  We’ve done a few Disney trips together and just enjoy being around each other.

So why am I gushing on about this?  Well, last Friday, Christy’s blog became the target of a DNS attack.  Basically what happens is someone created a computer bot (program) that works to bring down a website by trying to load it thousands of times in repetitive succession which makes it impossible for anyone else to access the site.  It ties up all the resources of the server that hosts the site and causes readers to not be able to load the page.  The site was just fine, it’s just that no one could access it.

So why is this a big deal?  Well, prepare for a little lesson in how blogs work…

Christy and I both are full-time bloggers.  We don’t have other jobs or other sources of income.  We work all day, every day bringing y’all delicious, free recipes.  When you visit one of our pages, the ads that display on the page are what generate income for us.  Yes, we know they can be aggravating, but running blogs like ours can be very expensive.  From site designs, to camera equipment, to monthly hosting fees, to monthly fees to our email service providers, to recipe ingredients, etc, etc.  those ads help pay for that stuff.  Not to mention, the revenue that the ads generate supports our families.  So while they’re sometimes frustrating, they’re there for a reason.  And they help us keep the recipes free for you.

Now, when Christy’s site was down for 2 days, she also lost 2 days worth of income.  Chances are, if you lost 2 days of your income, it would have a great effect on your family’s monthly bottom line.

So, rather than share one of my own recipes here like I normally do on Tuesdays, I’m sharing a collection of my favorite Southern Plate recipes.  I’m sure most of you know Christy well, but maybe this will help you discover a few recipes you haven’t seen before and show some support to my blogging bestie.  Y’all enjoy!


Peanut Butter Fudge Iced Brownies

Chicken Stew

Sweet Potato Creme Brûlée

Grandmama’s Chocolate Chess Pie

Preston Rolls

Samoa Brownies

Slow Cooker Angel Chicken

Garden Skillet Supper

Homemade Viennetta

Sticky Chicken

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  1. Sad that people are low. I’ve clicked a lot on Southern Plate in the last couple days just for that reason – its a blog I follow. But, I had somehow missed the Samoa Brownies, so thanks for sharing. Samoas are my favorite.

  2. I’ve followed Christy for years, and just love her kind heart and sweet spirit! You’re super sweet to do this for her after her site troubles. I tell ya, you just can’t be too careful these days! It’s sad!

    In the mean time, it’s great to have all this yummy-ness to ponder!

    Thank you!

  3. Her crunchy refrigerator salad is one of my favorite recipes. I discovered it a few months ago and make it regularly. I shared it on Facebook this morning for the same reason. Not only are her recipes delicious, but she and her family seem like wonderful people.

  4. I have followed Christy for years. She is not only a food Goddess (tee hee) but she is such an inspirational breath of fresh air. I have always said I think she and I could be best friends. How thoughtful and kind of you to do this for her. Bless your heart! 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    So sweet of you to do this for Christy!!! I’m sure she’s thankful for awesome friends like you. 🙂

  6. You and Christy are the best! Chicken Stew is one of my favorite recipes from Southern Plate!

  7. This was very sweet of you to do this for Christy.

  8. Cheryl Bone says:

    I have all Christy’s blogs from when she started and we became friends just like you did. We have shared over the years as I have written a couple of cook books also. Love you both and store the posts from both of you in the same file! Thanks for thinking of her. Love your cookbook also and have both of you on my Kindle.

  9. Samantha says:

    I love Christy. In fact, hers was the first recipe site I ever used and I still use it! Thank you for helping our mutual friend. Love and prayers!

  10. Lisa Spencer says:

    What a good guy you must be!! May God richly bless you!!!

  11. Love Stacey so you must be fabulous as well!

  12. I think I world has gone crazy. It doesn’t make sense to me to mess with someone’s blog. Crazy. You are a good friend.

  13. I didn’t find out Stacey had done this until late yesterday afternoon. Since then I’ve wrestled with figuring out how to thank him. How do you thank someone for something like this? More still, for being the kind of friend he has always been to me?
    One thing keeps coming into mind and it’s not even an expression of gratitude rather than just a statement that applies so deeply and on so many levels:
    There is the family you’re born into and then there is the family God brings to you.
    I love y’all. thank you 🙂

  14. Love both of y’alls blog sites. I have been a follower of Christy’s for several years and I learned about Stacey’s blog site through Christy and now follow him too. I’ve also shared both sites with several friends & family. I think it’s so great that y’all support each other. The ads are a little annoying sometimes, but sometimes I see something that interests me and I click on them. I understand why they are needed also. So you both just keep on keeping on with the good things that you do.

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