Advertise  is a great, family-friendly platform to advertise your blog or food related business or product!  The site has grown exponentially since the first post in 2009.

Readers come to Southern Bite to find quick, easy recipes that help them get dinner on the table.  We have a dynamic audience with a devoted following.  Readers on aren’t just numbers on a stat counter, they are part of a community – and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we’ve built with our readers.

Southern Bite readers are invested, too.  Google reports show that the average person spends more than 2 minutes on the site and visits 3 or more pages.

Southern Bite is growing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.  Our audience is just over half female and our visitors range in age from 18 to over 65, with the largest concentration being between 35 and 54.  At last update, Southern Bite had more than 130,000 fans on Facebook.  On Pinterest, Southern Bite recipes have been pinned hundreds of thousands of times.

 Advertise with Southern Bite

I am currently accepting button style (125 x 125) ads that appear in the sidebar of the blog.  There are 8 slots available, monthly.  Ads do not rotate, but are shown every time a page is loaded and appear in the sidebar of every page on  I only accept images ads (no text ads) and prefer them to to be static.  Ads must be family-friendly and are subject to approval.

To check availability or to submit your ad, click here. 

Other advertising spots may be available, please contact me at to inquire about space, rates, and availability.