Boo Fries and a Great Big THANK YOU!

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I’ve got a special little dish to share with y’all today.  It’s not really a recipe, per se.  It’s something that I grew up eating, thinking that we were the only people alive who ate it.  I’m talking about fresh, hot, crispy french fries topped with brown gravy and cheddar cheese.  Now before you get all OMG on me, hear me out.  First off, this is not the kind of thing that regularly finds its way to my supper table.  We might have this twice a year at our house.  It’s a treat and you know what they say… everything in moderation.  When I was a kid, we had to make use of everything we had when it came to food.  So when there was leftover brown gravy from beef tips or hamburger steaks or something like that, I always knew this dish was in my future.  I’m not sure what it is about this dish, but it just takes me back to the time when I was a chubby little kid sitting at my mama’s kitchen table.

The assembly is easy, it goes… hot fries, smothered in gravy, topped with cheddar cheese.  That’s it, plain and simple.

Here’s the weird thing about this dish…  Not long after Heather and I were married, we went on a cruise out of New Orleans (one of my favorites citys by the way – all that food!).  Well, we went down the day before since Heather had never been to NOLA.  That night were were walking around the Quarter and decided to pop into Acme Oyster House for some dinner.  The very first thing on the menu was “Boo Fries: with roast beef gravy and cheese.”  I was astonished that someone had stolen my mother’s idea!  LOL!  The weird part was that when my mother was a kid, her nickname was Boo.  I mean, come one, people.  Really??? Boo Fries??  Having never really had a name for the dish, we started calling them Boo Fries just like the folks at Acme.  Apparently some folks in Canada got my Mom’s recipe too, except they call their poutine and use cheese curds – weirdos.  🙂

So, the next time you’ve got some leftover gravy, give these a spin.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!


OH!  And did y’all hear the news???  Southern Food Network named my recipe for Slow Cooker Pot Roast and Veggies as the 2011 Best Recipe!  We’ve also been recognized as the #2 most popular blogger and #2 in the Reader’s Choice poll! And let me tell you, coming in second to Jackie at Syrup and Biscuits is a good day in my book!  Anyway, I’m just tickled pink at the recognition and want to thank Southern Food Network for all they do!  A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of you who follow Southern Bite on the blog and on our Facebook page!  You all are making dreams that I never dreamed come true and it sure is an amazing feeling!  You each play such an important role in Southern Bite and I just can’t thank you enough!

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  1. Danielle D. says:

    Never heard of these but they sound good! I love brown gravy, I’ve been know to literally drink the leftover gravy after dinner LOL. That sounds gross now that I’ve said it. Maybe I should start saving it for some fries!

    Congrats too!!!

  2. Absolutely; moderation in all things *including* moderation 😉

    Congratulations on your selection; it is well deserved. And, thanks for sharing your recipes. The hardest part is deciding what to make next . . .

  3. So happy I found your site yesterday … my mother grew up in Louisiana, my daddy was from Alabama and I am a native Floridian so you can imagine what type food I enjoy !!

    I am excited to try some of your recipes ! Thanks..

  4. We also had these out in california when i was little, my grandma made these when we got to stay all nite. Also in high school we ate at a drive-in across the street from school that served these. I now make them for my grandkids. This recipe started about the 1950’s so it’s traveled along way.

  5. Not unusual in my part of the country to have gravy on fries or cheese but generally don’t see both. I think I would stick with gravy as that is what I am used too. I do love chili cheese fries and that is a meal on a plate.

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  7. Hi!!! I am a Canadian girl and totally not a weirdo…lol!!!! 😉
    These fries are actually very popular and a lot of the time they use mozzarella and then pour the hot gravy over top. It is very delicious. Give it a try ….you may love it just as much as the cheddar!!! Poutine is one of my favorite once-in-a while treats!!
    Keep smilin…eh!!! 🙂

    • Hey up there in Canada! I think I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for the details and for not getting too offended about that “weirdo” comment! LOL

  8. Oh…btw, I love your site!!

  9. winnie mom says:

    How awesome these are. Here in southwest GA these are served at our local hot dog joint. They’re especially good with the onions in the gravy. Love them with or without the cheese. Also eat them with chili and cheese. Only way to eat fries. Even make these at home too.
    Enjoy your site and all the fabulous recipes that are easy and usually have all the ingredients on hand.

  10. Having first encountered your “Boo Fries” or facsimile of first in Montreal many, many years ago as Poutine, I was surprised to learn that we have a version here in the south! Thought you might be interested in this blog I ran across trying to determine the relationship of Boo Fries to Poutine:

    How about some of those combinations???

  11. Judi Graham says:

    Any Mom and Pop restaurant in the cattle country of Florida will ask if you want gravy on those fries. Love it!

  12. Just for the record, poutine as we “call it” in Canada has been around long before your “boo fries”. No one knows what those are, yet poutine is famous. Thank you!

  13. I’m with Nadia. Don’t knock poutine until you try it. AMAZING. The curds get all melty and stretchy like mozzarella.But NEVER use shredded mozzarella. There is no comparison. Not to say that Boo Fries won’t be delish. 😉

  14. Debbie Caraballo says:

    Being a native Texan, I’d never heard of these til I moved up north. Here in NJ, they’re mostly referred to as “Disco Fries” . I have no idea why…lol. Fries, brown gravy with roast beef bits, and cheddar. Awesome!

  15. My husband has been eating fries like this since the 60’s. We are diner food addicts.

  16. Heather Dunn says:

    Hey you! I’m one of those weirdos from Canada. Great job (eh). grin

  17. Lois Frank says:

    This is poutine.

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