“Best of the Bite” Contest Winners

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Recipe Contest WinnersOver the past few weeks, I, along with my taste testers, have had the arduous task of going through the plethora of amazing recipes that were submitted in the “Best of the Bite” contest.  And man were there some awesome recipes!  I continue to be humbled and overwhelmed by all of this.  First the opportunity to write a book, now the opportunity to feature some of y’all in that book… it just astonishes me.  From the time I started discussing this book with my editor, I’ve always felt it was important to include the readers in it.  Southern Bite would be nothing without y’all, so I knew you all must be a huge part of the book. I truly want this to be “our” book.

I wish there were enough pages to be able to feature every single recipe that was submitted, but it’s just not practical.  So, we’ve narrowed it down to 25 recipes.  I am so excited to be able to feature these delicious recipes.  Congrats to everyone!!  And keep track of all of the book news by clicking the “About the Book” link at the top of every page.

Banana Mixup – Dru Lovett

Best Ever Rice and Mushrooms – Margaret Eichler


Broccoli Cornbread – Emily Willingham

Buffalo Chicken Cheeseball – Margaret Eichler

Coconut Crunch Pie – Valorie Deichman

Corn Pudding – Bonnie McCawley

Family Jewel – Lynn Petty

Godfather – Susan Willard

Green Beans Braised with Onions – Anne McKeown

Hot Milk Sponge Cake – Brandie Skibinski

Indulgent Macaroni and Cheese – Misty Corrales

Lasagna Soup – Brandie Skibinski

Louise Rogers’s Chicken Spaghetti – Connie Rogers

Mary’s Jambalaya – Kim Box

Milk Syrup – Rebecca Plokhooy

Mississippi Roast – Vicky Klepplid

Mom’s Homemade Banana Ice Cream – Tina Koenig

Mom’s Punkin Pie Crunch – Sandy Herman

Pistachio Puff – Lisa Kay Spell

Sausage and Cheese Pie – Dru Lovett

Slow Cooker Party Mix – Donya Mullins

Southern Chocolate Gravy – Tina Butler

Squash Dressing – Tracy Moore

Strawberry Bread – Leslie Bowles

Tomato-y Hopping John – Crickett Rumley




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  1. Valorie D says:

    What a fun surprise to find my recipe in your list! We just love this pie and I’m sure your readers will too. Thank you for the opportunity to share a delicious recipe.
    It must be my time to shine. Just last night I was one of 5 local cooks on our local PBS station (WILL-TV) chosen to prepare a dish on their live pledge drive show, “Come and Get It, Family Dinner Favorites”. For that I made a Curry Kale Potato Casserole.

  2. So exciting! Thank you so much. It is a honor and a pleasure to be included in this very exciting adventure! Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Well, what a pleasant surprise! And to be included in such illustrious company. Thank you! Kudos to all!!

  4. Wooo Hooo!! Stacey, I’m so honored and excited to be included in your adventure!

  5. Lynn Petty says:

    It’s such a blessing to be included in your cookbook! My grandmother would be so happy her recipe is being shared with others. Congratulations to everyone! I can’t wait to buy your book!

  6. Oh Stacey! What a great list and I am just tickled pink to be included!! So exciting! I am so, so thrilled for you and I couldn’t be happier that this is happening for you. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and add it to my collection. And maybe you’ll let me do a giveaway?? (hint, hint). Okay, that was less of a hint and more of a suggestion. 😉
    Hugs and Congratulations!

  7. LISA KAY SPELL says:

    I am just so overly excited to have been chosen as one of the recipes to be published in your cookbook and can not wait to purchase the cookbook and hold it in my hands to show all my friends and family.
    congrats stacey on your cookbook and i am so happy i could be a part of it….

  8. Susan Willard says:

    I am so excited to see my recipe in the list. My granddaughters are with me this week for spring break and it is their favorite dish and they are also very excited. Thank you again.

    Susan Willard

  9. Hi Stacey!
    Thank you for choosing my recipe!
    I feel so blessed to have my recipe featured in your cookbook! Thanks so much again!
    Looking forward to getting that cookbook!
    Sincerely Tracy Moore

  10. emily willingham says:

    wow!! thanks for selecting my recipe for your new cookbook. can’t wait for spring 2014 to buy my copy!!

  11. Dru Lovett says:

    WOW…I need to check my e mail more often. I am soooo excited that you have chosen not one, but TWO of my recipes……..Can’t believe my recipes will be in an actual published book. Can’t think of a better book for them to be in…

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