Christy Jordan and Southern Living’s Quick-Fix Suppers

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Christy and SL Editor Lindsay Bierman - Southern Living

Y’all, today Southern Living Magazine, the nation’s 5th largest selling magazine, launched its brand new series “Quick-Fix Suppers” featuring none other than my sister from another mother (oddly, that just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “brother from another mother”), Christy Jordan.  Quick-Fix Suppers includes a monthly column in the magazine and a web video series where Christy shows you how to get supper on the table in less than 45 minutes.  And there are some absolutely amazing recipes here.  I’ve seen four of the videos and they are ALL wonderful!  I think you’ll find this a great new inspiration when you’re trying to come up with something for dinner.

The great thing is that because of the super folks at Southern Living you guys get it before anyone else!  You can see the first of the videos in the series here. And you get first access to the column in the June issue of the magazine by clicking here.

During filming, I had the amazing opportunity to head up to Southern Living headquarters in Birmingham to sit in on several of the tapings.  And let me tell you, that place is awesome and it’s filled with awesome people.  The whole experience was just awesome.  (Did I say awesome?) AWESOME!


It’s amazing to see how much detail goes into something as simple as a 3 to 4 minute video.  But that’s the kind of product you get with Southern Living and Christy Jordan, not to mention tested recipes that are guaranteed to turn out perfect!

I even got a private tour of the Southern Living Test Kitchens and all I can say is whoa!  Amazing!  For me it was like Graceland!  I’ve got more on my tour coming up in another post.

Here’s a quick little exclusive tour for Southern Bite readers behind the scenes at a Quick-Fix Suppers taping:

The staff and crew were amazing – and huge!  I bet there were a dozen people working on this episode.

Time to read through the lines again – and time for a little hair fixin’.  The great thing about these videos also is that they are filled with tons of quick tips for the kitchen too.

Getting ready to shoot the next scene!

Oh wait, time for an energy shot!  Filming 6 or 8 episodes in one day is quite a task.  I needed an energy shot just watching!

Here’s Jyl, manning the computer and posting on The Front Porch.  She’s such a trooper!  We love her!

Some of the crew working on the next recipe.

Doesn’t all that food look awesome.  I love it when my kitchen looks like this  -especially if somebody else comes behind me and cleans up.

Here’s a shot of the prop area for the digital studio.  I’ve decided I need a prop closet like this for Southern Bite.  (Now where’s that credit card?)

Some of the staff checking out how things look on camera.  Like I said, lots of attention to detail.

And what’s that in Christy’s hand?  All together now… a Diet Dr. Pepper!

And one of the perks of being in the studio – getting to test the food!  Thanks to Christy for getting this shot of me!


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  1. Angie in Memphis says:

    Well sizzlin’ sausage gravy, you were there with her…that’s so awesome, Stacey…just love it!!!!

  2. Loved the pictures and story behind them, felt like I was there. I’m glad Christy fed you after all your picture taking…LOL. Loved every minute of the walk through, thanks for sharing it. You and Christy are such great people.

  3. Susan Hatcher says:

    What a great blog post. So excited you got to spend a day there with Christy and Jyl. Oh…and maybe Christy is your sister from another mister instead of another mother.:) Oh…and go easy on the credit card…those companies want you to pay that money back, gosh darn it!

  4. Fun post! Thanks for the “behind the scenes” photos and commentary!! Love it!

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