The Primo Way to Drink More Water

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The middle of summer in Alabama is not for the faint of heart. Living in a subtropical climate, we often say “If the heat doesn’t get you the humidity will”. Now try being the parent of an all-star soccer player who has multiple midday games in the open sun each week.

We sure are proud of Jack, so of course we are front and center at every game. This summer that meant we ended up in above 100 degree heat index weather on more than one occasion.

Keeping up with this type of lifestyle and just the busy-ness of our daily lives called for a lifestyle change and fortunately, that was easy peasy to do thanks to our Primo Water Dispenser!

We all know the importance of staying hydrated but it becomes even more so in extreme heat. We weren’t big water drinkers when we were drinking tap water, though. For one, there was always an underlying concern about safety and for two, our tap water, well it just doesn’t taste that good.

The water from our Primo Dispenser is soft, delicious, and the cooler keeps it so cold that it feels like an instant vacation in the middle of a hot day. In fact, cold water has become our #1 favorite drink in this house – and we’ve each lost a few inches as a result of this one simple lifestyle change. Not only do we feel better, we have more energy and have found ourselves actually craving water.

The Primo dispenser could not be easier to set up. It arrived super fast thanks to FedEx delivery and came with some great coupons off 5-gallon bottles of water. I set the dispenser up and headed down to a nearby store – there are quite a few close to us – to pick up my Primo water (click here to see the stores in your area that carry it). Then, I simply took the top off, inserted the probe, and slid it into the bottom of my machine. No turning bottles upside down or having to lift them to the top, this is far simpler than that. I’m used to the old-school type with the bottle on top, so this is such an easier task with the bottom-loading dispenser.  Empty bottles can be exchanged for a filled bottle at half the price and each of these bottles keeps 1100 single use plastic bottles out of landfills! We’ve been making a conscious effort to waste less so this is something we feel really good about. In addition to that, studies have shown that adding a bulk water dispenser to homes increases water drinking in families by 25% – but in our case it’s been far more than that.

When water is this cold and this good, it is easy for it to become the beverage of choice and that has proven to be the case with us. It’s just such a convenient healthy habit at your fingertips. It has always been a  struggle to get Jack to drink enough water, but the taste and novelty of the dispenser has him much more interested. The hot water feature (with safety child lock buttons) has even sped up my meal prep time since I can fill pots directly using the continuous dispenser feature and have it boiling in a fraction of the time.

We’ve been overdue for this change and we have seen a big difference since adding the Primo dispenser to our home. Water helps us to reduce our sugar intake, stay hydrated, regulate body temperature, lubricate our joints, and helps stave off that foggy brain and fatigue that tends to creep in as the day wears on. I’ve seen positive changes in myself and my family across the board and I’m so grateful that we took the step to add this dispenser to our home.

To check out the dispenser I have, click here.

If you’d like to add one of these amazing Primo Water Dispensers to your home, Primo is offering a special discount for us!
Use code SOUTHERNFOODIE20 on any Primo dispenser at to receive the following:
  • 20% off all dispensers purchased on
  • A coupon for your first 5-gallon bottle of Primo water ($14.95 value)
  • FREE shipping (fast turnaround FedEx usually delivered within 5 bus days)
Now, there are a couple ways to purchase Primo purified water. You can purchase a brand new bottle or you can exchange your empty bottle for a new one at around half the price. You can also refill your bottle yourself at one of over 30,000 refill stations. Click here to find the one nearest you. 

Learn more about the 9 step purification process and benefits of Primo water that your family can look forward to by clicking here.

I hope you get to try one soon and I’d love to hear how adding a Primo Water Dispenser helps to hydrate your life!


Disclaimer: This post was kindly sponsored by Primo Water but all opinions are my own. I appreciate their wonderful machines and am enjoying the benefits of having one in my home. 


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  1. I have no problem drinking water. I have quart bottles that I use and drink 4 bottles every day. . . some days more! I also drink 2 cups milk a day. I drink my water 365 days a year and have been doing so since 2005. Love my WATER!! 😉 🙂

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