Southwest Potato Salad – A Virtual Summer BBQ

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A few weeks ago my pal Brandie from The Country Cook asked if I’d like to participate in a little contest sponsored by Kraft and Philadelphia Cooking Creme.  They asked that I, along with a few other bloggers, create a cold summer BBQ side dish using their Cooking Creme product.  Well, I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think about when I think of BBQ sides is potato salad.  But, I’ll have to admit that my family and I are pretty traditional when it comes to this dish.  Nonetheless, armed with 8 tubs of Cooking Creme, I set out to create a delicious side dish for them.  Boy was I surprised at how easy and delicious this dish turned out.  Even my reluctant family showed their approval by practically licking the bowl clean.  You all know I strive to provide y’all with easy recipes that use everyday ingredients and this one is no exception.   But don’t let the simplicity fool you, this dish is packed with flavor!

Now onto the contest part: Below is the list of all the bloggers participating in the contest.  Each of us has prepared an original dish to bring to the potluck.  This is the part where you come in… Simply leave a comment below to vote for my Southwest Potato Salad.  The recipe with the most comments at the end of the 24 hour voting period will win $500 and a year supply of Philadelphia Cooking Creme!  Won’t you comment below and help me win!?!?!  You can only vote once, but you’re welcome to invite your friends to vote as well!  I’ve got the best readers ever and I GREATLY appreciate your support!!!

UPDATE: WE WON!!!!!  Thanks so much for all your encouragement and support!  As a result, my Southwest Potato Salad was named the winner of the Summer Virtual Barbecue with Kraft, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Philadelphia Cooking Creme!


Southwest Potato Salad
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 3 lbs red potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • ¾ cup mayonnaise
  • ¾ cup Santa Fe Blend Philadelphia Cooking Creme
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 1 medium red onion, thinly sliced
  1. Wash potatoes thoroughly and place in a large pot. Cover with water and add 2 tablespoons of salt. Cook until potatoes are tender but not mushy.
  2. Cool potatoes and cut into chunks. ( I prefer my potatoes refrigerator cold – they are easier to cut that way and won’t just mash up.)
  3. Combine mayo, Santa Fe Blend Philadelphia Cooking Creme, and red wine vinegar in a small bowl.
  4. Peel and thinly slice red onion.
  5. In a large bowl lightly toss potatoes and onions with dressing.
  6. Chill and serve.


Who’s Competing?

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    Great blogger and always has awesome recipes for us!

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    Just in time for “end of summer” menu re-runs. I can’t wait to try it!

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    Sounds great. I love Philly Cooking Cream. I be this would be good too with the Italian blend.

  9. K Gillis says:

    If this recipe is like many of the others this blogger has shared, it will be a hands down winner!

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    Never been a fan of potato salad (just can’t get past the cold part) but this looks really yummy!! And good luck!!

  17. Sandy Picard says:

    Great. Love your site. I keep up with all the post. Good luck.

  18. Charlotte says:

    This looks awesome!!! All of your recipes that I have tried, have been amazing!! I’m sure this one will be just as well !!

  19. One of my favorite foods of all time! I am so fortunate to have a family who lets me eat the whole thing.

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    Easy enough that even I could make it and Southern Bites’ recipes are always outstanding!

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    This sounds so good and can not wait to try it. I am thinking of it warm also would be great.

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    I have used the Cooking Cremes numerous times, but this is the most creative recipe that I have seen. I plan to serve it soon!

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    Great recipe ! The best tasting & very easy directions ! You have a winner here !

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    Southwest Potato Salad

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