My Grocery Store Obsession and a $50 Earth Fare Gift Card Give-a-way!!

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Y’all, I love food. And I love grocery stores because of it. (Tangent #1 – In the South most folks call it the grocery store, you might call it “the grocery,” “the grocer,” ” the market”, “the supermarket,” etc. You know what I mean.) When Publix first came to Montgomery, they opened 5 stores across the city. We planned “field trips” to visit each one of them (and, no, I’m not kidding no matter how ridiculous it makes me sound). Β  So, you can imagine my delight when I heard that Montgomery was getting a new high-end organic grocery store. (Tangent #2 – I’ll be the first to point out that I’m not a health food nut but think about this… we Southerners have been doing the organic thing long before it became the “in” thing to do. We grew our own food and for the most part Southerners were too poor to buy those fancy chemicals to keep the bugs off. So, you see, when know organic. Now back to my story…) I just about peed myself when I got an email from Earth Fare inviting me in for a personal tour and and an offer for a $50 gift gift card to give away on the blog!Β  So I be-bopped into the store yesterday and was amazed. This place is gorgeous. Any kind of produce, meat, or cheese you can imagine. It really is a beautiful place and will certainly be an awesome addition to the Montgomery grocery store scene. Below are some shots I took with my iPhone in the store yesterday just to show y’all. And yes, I was the crazy man taking photos of the of the lettuces with my iPhone… the things I do for y’all!

Produce - Can you hear the angels singing, too?

Any kind of cheese you can imagine...

The deli section... All I can say is O.  M.  G.

The Deli Case! This is a popular place! I had to fight folks to get up to it to get this picture.


The olive bar. (Right next to this is the "Scoop Your Own Ravioli Bar - Yes, I'm serious!)

Now on to the giveaway! Leave a comment below for your chance to win the $50 Earth Fare gift card. Y’all have through next Wednesday to enter.Β  Good Luck!

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  1. Elizabeth Robison says:

    Earth Fare was great! Went Thursday!

  2. Loralei Iding says:

    You had me at cheese!!! Wow, what a gorgeous store πŸ™‚

  3. Rosanne Sass says:

    I’ve only been in EarthFare once and it was a delight! Every city should have one!

  4. I love Earth Fare. It is my favorite grocery store and I do most of my shopping there. It’s a great company & I’m always happy to hear when they open new stores. Wishing EF the best of success in Montgomery.

  5. I’m a fan of Earth Fare so far. Can’t wait to go back.

  6. Janet LeGear says:

    I have not yet visited the new Earth Fare, but would love to win a $50 gift card to have in hand to visit with. I am sure from all that I hear, I could easily find something to spend it on.

  7. Great store. Plan on an extended long-time shopping event. You may not buy all that much during each visit but you’ll love to explore and take your time looking through all the terrific selections in each department.

  8. I love Earth Fare!!! I could spend all day there if I had the time.

  9. I could have a lot of fun with that Gift Card!! I hope I win!

  10. We have a new Earth Fare, the first one in town, and I haven’t shopped there yet. Would love the chance to spend some time exploring the store and investing that gift card!

  11. Amy Calhoun says:

    Went to Earth Fare for the first time at lunch yesterday. The salad bar is to die for!! Anything you can imagine putting on a salad, (and some things you might never think to put on a salad)! Can’t wait to go back and browse the store!

  12. Earth Fare is the Best !!I am like a kid in a candy store in there!!

  13. My neighbors went(invited me but I couldnt go). They were very impressed with it. It was so busy that they didnt buy anything that day but plan ongoing back.

  14. Loretta Shumpert says:

    This would give me a chance to really check Earth Fare out!!

  15. I could totally use $50 in there; lots of yummy foods! Now if we could just get a Trader Joe’s in Alabama, we’d be doing well!

  16. I’m glad I’m not the only one that loves to shop grocery stores-
    I’m in hog’s heaven when I can go thru a new grocery store – I can
    spend all day browsing thru the store

  17. Rebecca Graham says:

    Earth Fare has the best chicken salad ever and Blueberry pies.

  18. Our Earth Fare here in Knoxville is a beautiful store. The displays are enticing, the freshness of the produce makes me giddy, and the quality of the meat makes me salivate. It is truly a sensual shopping experience, with the sights, aromas, and sounds of other shoppers “oohing and aahing” around you. And yes, I am a produce toucher! The feel of just-ripe tomatoes, peaches, corn, okra, etc. take me back to my mother’s garden and the invoke memories of true “garden to table” meals.

  19. I love Earth Fare! So glad to get one in Huntsville!!

  20. I’ve been waiting anxiously for their opening…driving by it frequently, since I work out at EastChase. So I was there Wednesday, with about 75,000 other people in town.

    Sodas with Stevia sweetener, bulk stuff, spices you just can’t buy elsewhere! (If your recipe makes you think “where am I supposed to find THAT in Montgomery, just drive over to Earth Fare.)

    And the checkout is a breeze too!

    A little pricier in some things, it’s true. But these are things you can’t get elsewhere.

    There was some goat cheese preserved with herbs and olive oil for $15.99….. gave me serious pause. Guess you know what the first thing I would get with that gift card!

  21. What a gorgeous store and a terrific giveaway!

  22. Judy Stewart says:

    Great pictures! I’d love to go check out the new Earth Fare store.

  23. Would love to win this to try out our new store that recently opened!

  24. I gradually became a foodie when I realized I needed to change my lifestyle and get in better shape by losing weight. Besides exercise, I discovered the next best thing was to improve what I was putting in my body, which is how I became affiliated with Earth Fare. The ability to eat clean, local foods (along with portion control) permitted me to lose 50lbs in 4 months. I now look and feel great, and believe Earth Fare and their commitment to healthy living will be able to help so many other people like myself, so this country can rid the horrible problem we have with obesity. Congratulations Montgomery, I’m really happy y’all will be getting an Earth Fare, it will do wonders for you.

  25. Laura Combs says:

    I love Earthfare here in Boone!

  26. That looks awesome! I want to visit the olive bar!

  27. Laura Grimball says:

    I love Earthfare. Everything is fresh and healthy and the staff is always so polite and helpful!

  28. I don’t go that often, because Earth Fare isn’t that close to my house and the prices are a bit high, but I love to shop there! They have certain produce items that I can’t find elsewhere, plus such a great selection of organic products and natural beauty items. It would be great to win this gift card. Thanks!

  29. cynthia draher says:

    We have a new Earth Fare in Huntsville, love it, I miss Wegmans in PA.

  30. I love grocery stores too!!!

  31. Cindy Gallop says:

    I haven’t visited the Earth Store but, do plan on it. I have lost 90 pounds and I am always looking for great food to help me keep the weight off and I am sure they will have some great things to choose from. Look forward to the trip. Great pictures to draw us in.

  32. Earth Fare just opened in my hometown. Its really nice and always crowded.

  33. Organic vegetables are AMAZING….the taste improvement makes it worth the trip to Earth Fare

  34. I just read in the paper Earth Fare is coming to my area this summer – SOOO excited! Would love to win!

  35. Doesn#t it all look ” scrummy delish” ?
    Enjoy the gift card!

  36. Love this place! thanks for hosting a great contest!

  37. Sounds like a great store. I’ll check out the one in Knoxville next time I visit my friends there!

  38. Jill Myrick says:

    We love Earth Fare.
    Especially the sourdough bread and cajun crab dip that they make there.


  39. I love earth fare! I was just there a few days ago πŸ™‚

  40. Christina C. says:

    Organic? High-end? Count me in! β™₯

  41. Angela Winesburg says:

    I would love to win, thanks for the chance!

  42. I have been shopping at Earth Fare for years! They are always friendly, customer service oriented, have great samples to try . . and the food it great.

  43. Thanks for the giveaway!


  44. Carolyn Paul says:

    I love Earthfare! Wish we had one closer! Akmak crackers are my favorite low carb snack. Add a little Laughing Cow 35 calorie Creamy Swiss and you’re set!

  45. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  46. My sister lives in Alabama and has told me lots about Earth Fare — I’d love to win this as a gift for her. Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  47. We love Earth Fare!

  48. Earth Fare has some of the Best things

  49. Mary Gardner says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  50. This sounds like a great store.

  51. susan smoaks says:

    i have heard great things about earth fare

  52. I love your pictures the food looks so fresh and good. I would love to win this

  53. Thanks folks! This contest has ended.

  54. Congrats to Cindy Gallop! She won the $50 Earth fare gift card! thanks to Earth Fare for the great contest!

  55. I am with you. I really enjoy grocery shopping as well.

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