For the Love of Fried

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With Thanksgiving upon us I feel that it is appropriate to salute fried foods after all deep frying a turkey is a concept created right here in the South and is now a popular method of cooking the holiday bird here and around the country.  Need something to serve with your fried turkey?  Maybe some inspiration can be found here – perhaps a fried peach pie or fried avocado bites……

Probably most of you fulfill your deep fried desires by visiting your local state/county fair.  You look forward to that once a year indulgence in deep fried Twinkies, funnel cake, corn dogs, a mound of French fries so large you regret seeing the bottom of a cleaned plate…but if you really want to partake in the outlandish of the deep fried world then visit the Texas State Fair in Dallas.  Not only does this fair boast the typical fried sweets and treats it also boasts fried food contests for the best taste and most creative.  Past best taste winners include chicken fried bacon, fried praline perfection and fried PB&J and banana sandwich (inspired by Elvis himself).  Perhaps the more intriguing category, “most creative” winners includes: deep fried butter, deep fried latte, and a deep fried banana split.  The next time you can indulge at the Texas State Fair will be September 30-October 23, 2011.

And what would this world be without festivals celebrating nothing but the goodness of fried foods?  Louisiana and Tennessee both offer a Fried Festival.  Louisiana’s is held in West Monroe in May of each year.  Along with a crazy fried foods contest the festival also boasts live music, a rodeo, beauty pageant and square dancing.  Tennessee’s festival offers cooking challenges, a scarecrow contest, arts and crafts show along with many other family friendly activities.  This Fried Festival is held in Columbia, Tennessee, the weekend of September 23-24, 2011.

Can’t wait for those fairs and festivals?  Then go by the grocery store and stock up on your favorite snacks and batter and fire up the deep fryer when you get home.  Every now and again my friends and I indulge in this gluttoness affair with fried foods.  (Hint – anything chocolate or cookie dough – make sure you freeze before trying to deep fry or else you will have nothing more than a deep fried mess.)  And remember the list of friable foods is endless, from green tomatoes and shrimp to ice cream and Snickers….



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