15 Days of Christmas Give-a-way!

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Who ever said there could only be 12 Days of Christmas?!?!

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year.  As a kid, it was such a magical time of year and even now as an adult, that magic continues, but for different reasons.  Jack loves Christmas lights.  LOVES them.  So last year after Christmas I went from store to store buying clearanced out lights to deck the house out.  Well, I ended up with about 6,000 lights.  Two weeks ago I pulled them all out of storage and started adding lights to the house, little by little.  When finished, I had lights on every tree and bush, lights around the roof and all the windows, and wrapped around every column.  I huddled the family all in the yard (grandparents and great-grandparents included) and in Griswold-style, flipped the switch.  The expression on my little boy’s face was unforgettable.  It’s an image I hope I never forget.  It brings tears to my eyes even now as I type.  His little face made every broken bulb, every half working strand of lights, every pulled muscle, and every penny worth it.  Each night since then, we have to have the same grand celebration as we all head out to flip on the lights.  And no matter how cold it is or how tired I am, I will go out there every night and do it with him because I know one day he’ll be too big to care about Daddy’s Christmas lights.  And I refuse to ever give up even one moment to see his precious little face in awe.  Not one.

I guess that’s what it is about Christmas now.  I just thought I loved it as a kid.  Now, seeing my own kid engulfed in the magic and wonder makes it ever more special. Okay, enough sentimental stuff… On to the give-a-ways…

When I was a kid, we had this tradition of the 25 Days of Christmas (weren’t my parents awesome!?!?).  Each day during the month of December leading up to Christmas, my parents would give me a present.  It was always something little, some candy or a small treat.  But it was such a cool way to bring in the holiday season.  We’re carrying that tradition on with Jack now and I’d like to do a little bit to share some holiday spirit with y’all.


Starting Monday, December 6th, we’re going to be giving away a bunch of exciting prizes.  Cookbooks, Southern Living magazine subscriptions, and even a $75 Sears gift card (thanks to the great folks at Sears Hometown Stores).  But you’ll have to check each day because we’re not going to announce when we’ll be hosting any particular give-a-way.  We’re gonna make you do a little work for it, too.  Here’s how it will go.  On the selected morning we’ll post a task, the end time for that task, and what you can win. It might be a scavenger hunt on the SB blog, it might be naming your favorite Southern ______, it might be just posting a comment on the blog.

So starting Monday, keep a close eye on the SB  Facebook page and the SB blog.  You might just win a little holiday cheer!

Here’s a current list of what we’re giving away… keep checking we’re going to be adding more!

$75 Sears Gift Card

1 year subscription to Southern Living Magazine

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

12 Days of Christmas Cookbook

More coming soon!!!

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  1. Love the story of your son and the lights! My boys are 16 & 19 now, but we still love to decorate and ride around looking at lights. So glad you are enjoying the season with your family. That’s what it’s all about!

  2. My kids are grown and you really miss those Christmas moments you had with them as kids. I tell me kids every Christmas to enjoy putting toys together even if it is hassle and decorating because one day their kids will be grown then they will realzie the memories they were actually making. Happy Holidays, and keep the kid in you alive, it what makes the holidays fun.

  3. Susan Hatcher says:

    I would love to see all your lights. You should post a video of them. I wish my kids still were excited about stuff like that….or at least liked to still help do the decorating. They are 26 and 33 now and I can’t get them to help me decorate.

  4. Love your story. I always enjoy riding around, looking at Christmas lights, even if I have to go alone.
    The Galaxy of Lights at the botanical garden is also wonderful!

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