Slow Cooker Cornbread Dressing

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Slow Cooker Cornbread Dressing

If your kitchen is like mine, then you know what I mean when I say that oven space is at a premium around the holidays – especially when it comes to Thanksgiving.  That big bird takes up a lot of room!  That’s why I started doing my Cornbread Dressing in the slow cooker several years ago.  It works great because it frees up valuable oven space and the slow cooker method always yields dressing that is moist and delicious.  And this is the recipe that I used to use in the oven so there no harm in putting this mixture in a casserole dish if you’d like.  You’ll need to bake it at about 375 degrees F for 45 to 44 minutes if you decide you don’t want to go the slow cooker method.  Y’all enjoy!

Slow Cooker Cornbread Dressing
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 8 to 10 servings
  • 8 cups crumbled cornbread
  • 1 (10.75-ounce) can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 (10.75-ounce) can cream of celery soup
  • 3 cups chicken broth
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 2 ribs celery, chopped
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  1. Combine the ingredients in a large bowl. Transfer them to a 4-quart slow cooker, cover and cook on low for 4 hours.
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  1. Ok I’m a dtizy doodle today. Do you cook in the crock pot and then in the over afterwards???? HELP

  2. Just wondering how much cornbread makes 8 cups…a 9 X13 pan??

  3. Looks so good!! I do have a question for you. Do you use yellow, or white cornbread? Just wondering what your preference was. We’ve always used yellow, but I was curious about the white. I made cornbread for the first time using white meal and really liked it. Thank you for all the hard work on your page. I really enjoy reading it…….and all of the recipes of course!

  4. WOW! This looks so gooood! Not waiting for Thanksgiving…..making this weekend. Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

  5. My family has always used rubbed sage in their dressing, would adding traditional spices ruin the recipe?? Then again I’m not sure how much to add.. My mom’s dressing recipe was ruined, we have tried to duplicate but always turns out just not quite right.. Would love to try this for sure!

    • Adding sage would be just fine. My mother and grandmother never used it, so I don’t. But, I think 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground sage would be good.

    • If you put sage in your dressing mix, don’t forget that it gets
      stronger with cooking. So, if you taste it and it seems it might
      need just a scoonch more, it’s probably enough.

  6. Debbie Caraballo says:

    I’ve been making my dressing in the crockpot for a few years now, and it definitely frees up that oven for the other sides….your recipe reminds me of my dad – he wouldn’t let Mom put any spices at all in the dressing. Just salt and pepper! I do put a little poultry seasoning in mine though. And they always used homemade cornbread.
    Thanks for posting this, it’s a keeper!


  7. Like another poster, I can’t wait until Thanksgiving to make this. I’m going to make it this weekend as a trial run before “turkey day”. I enjoy your recipes so much! They remind me so much of the wonderful dishes my relatives made when I was growing up. Thank you for the nostalgic recipes that bring back fond memories of large family gatherings on Sundays and holidays!

  8. Looks like a great recipe!!! I am definitely going to try it. You are an awesome Southern cook!!! Can’t beat the South for knowing good food LOL.

    Could you use Pepperidge Farm cornbread crumbs?

    Thanks for all of your great recipes.


    • Thanks so much, Judy! I bet you could use the breadcrumbs you might just need to add some additional broth as those will be drier that fresh cornbread.

  9. Great space saver idea, Stacey! Your dressing looks wonderful, too. 🙂

  10. This is such a great idea! I’ve been using my grandmother’s cornbread dressing recipe for years and was wondering if I could cook it in the slow cooker as well. It’s very similar to yours. Just wondering though – what’s the consistency of the dressing when you first start cooking? With mine it’s just thicker than cake batter before it goes in the oven. I just wanted to get an idea of yours so that I don’t end up with a soupy mess! Looking forward to trying this. Thanks! 🙂

    • You won’t lose much moisture with this method like you would in the oven, so you might want to make it with less liquid than your traditional method. Enjoy!

      • So Stacey, I have seen a lot of similar recipes to yours with the exceptiono they mention adding “day old bread” and 4 eggs. I think I did this last year but it would definitely be easier to leave these out. What are the differences we may see if we omit bread and eggs? I am pretty sure I used them last year, but would love to leave them out without sacrificing quality. 🙂

        • The “day old bread” and egg thing are very common. The bread will be fine in this version. I find that it’s simply one more step and one more ingredient that I can’t tell if it’s there or not, so I don’t add it. With the eggs, some people put eggs in their dressing to give it a little lift. My family doesn’t because we like our dressing more moist and to err on the side of caution with the cooking time being shorter, we leave them out. Again, I don’t think you’ll notice a difference. Enjoy! 🙂

  11. This is a great idea. I was just wondering if chopped eggs could be added and if so when should they be? Thanks.

  12. I found a recipe online last year for slow cooker dressing, and I think your recipe looks a lot better than the one I used. Forget waiting until the holidays, I love dressing is year round, and I’m making your version this weekend. 😀 Thanks for another awesome recipe!!!

  13. I love your site! Great recipes to try and of course Southern!!!

  14. looks like a keeper for Thanksgiving!

  15. Much to my family’s surprise I made cornbread dressing in the crock for Thanksgiving 2013. It was a great hit. Definitely use sage and a few other ingredients too. Go ahead and try it in the crock, you will be surprised!

  16. I make this dressing in my slow cooker year round, except I pull the meat off a rotisserie chicken and add that to the slow cooker too. My family loves it!

  17. A lady mentioned sage. I use a can of cream of chicken with herbs in place of regular cream of chicken. It adds a great flavor! Love your website and recipes.

  18. do u use white or yellow cor meal to make your cornbread?

  19. lynn boliver says:

    Just wondering if anyone has used Jiffy sweet cornbread in this recipe?

  20. Looks awesome!! I am used to making a 9×13 pan in the oven!!!
    This will be on my table this year!!
    Thank you!!

  21. Would Jiffy cornbread mix be too sweet to use ?

  22. Pamela Gilliam says:

    Would this work with dried Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing pieces?

  23. I’ve never made cornbread except with Jiffy. Do you have a cornbread recipe?

  24. Can this recipe be doubled? Will it still turn out?

  25. Hi, what size crockpot would you recommend for this recipe? Thanks.

  26. Small onion u say and that would be how much in cups? I use jiffy corn bread how many should I make? I also like sage u said 1 to 2 TBS for this recipe?

  27. I use raw sage sausage in my dressing. Wonder if I could use it as well in the crockpot?

  28. I know i am late to the party but i used your recipe
    Last year and it was a huge hit, it was delicious. I plan on making it for this Thanksgiving as well 🙂

  29. Charlotte Moore says:

    Love this recipe! Just a hint, cooks, don’t put sugar in your cornbread and, if possible, don’t use Jiffy. Too sweet! Thanks for this recipe, Southern Cook😊

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