You're only 4 ingredients aways from some of the best Skillet Cherry Cobbler ever! This recipe is SO easy!
Skillet Cherry Cobbler
Meal Plan Monday #54
Cheese, eggs, steak, peppers, and onions combine in this Baked Big Steak Omelet!
Baked Big Steak Omelet
Reuben Stromboli
Meal Plan Monday #53
Meal Plan Monday #52
Hot Water Cornbread
Meal Plan Monday #51
These Black-Eyed Pea Cakes with Creole Mayo are an amazing side to nearly anything. They're just packed with flavor!

Black-Eyed Pea Cakes with Creole Mayo

Black-eyed peas are a huge part of the rich food culture of the South and have been in Southern recipes for generations.  They’re probably most well known for the superstition that they are good luck…read more »

These Pulled Pork and Collard Green Egg Rolls with Alabama White BBQ Dipping Sauce combine so many things that are great about southern food!

Pulled Pork and Collard Green Egg Rolls with Alabama White BBQ Dipping Sauce

When the folks with Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle company, Draper James, asked me to create a recipe for a Southern football tailgating party, I knew I had to pull out all the stops.  It had to…read more »

Meal Plan Monday #27

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Join us for another Meal Plan Monday!  These fun gatherings are the perfect place for bloggers to share their amazing recipes and families to get some amazing inspiration for the upcoming week.…read more »

Flip your taditional recipe on its head and make this bacon flavored explosion called Bacon Upside-Down Cornbread!

Bacon Upside-Down Cornbread

Crispy crunchy bacon-crusted piping hot cornbread.  Seriously.  A bacon flavor explosion.  But first… I’m so excited to join my friends from Martha White and the Country Music Association to celebrate another year of the CMA…read more »

Meal Plan Monday #26

Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday!  We just love hosting these things and getting tons of great bloggers to share their amazing recipes with y’all.  They get bigger each week to offer even…read more »

These Garlic Herb Pull-Apart Rolls are amazingly easy and super simple becasue they use canned biscuits dough!

Garlic Herb Pull-Apart Rolls

I’m super excited to bring you another amazingly easy, but super delicious recipe.  These Garlic Herb Pull-Apart Rolls were an instant hit when I first made them a few weeks ago.  I shot a segment…read more »

Meal Plan Monday 25 – Back to School Edition

We’re switching gears a little this week to bring you a host of amazing recipes for those busy weeknight meals and that early morning lunch box packing.  Hopefully these recipes will help you get back…read more »

These Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies need to be on your MUST MAKE list! The tangy pimiento and gooey cheese take the ordinary to extraordinary!

Pimiento Cheese Hush Puppies

I have had such an amazing time with my friends from Price*s Pimiento Cheese over the past few months showing y’all all the yummy and amazing recipes you can make using their delicious pimiento cheese…read more »

Celebrate Bratsgiving with this Bratwurst Hot Tub!

August 16th is National Bratwurst Day and to celebrate my friends at Johnsonville and I have teamed up to help make Bratsgiving totally a thing at your house.  What’s Bratsgiving you ask?  Well, you should…read more »

Meal Plan Monday 24

I’m so excited to join up with my blogging buddies to bring you another Meal Plan Monday.  You know, these are such a fun way to get tons of great ideas to plan something different…read more »

These BBQ Chicken Packets are perfect for a busy weeknight and can be made with any of your favorite veggies!

BBQ Chicken Packets

As a kid in Boy Scouts, Hobo Dinners were a campout staple.  They were easy, fun, and could be customized to each person’s taste.  Fast forward a few decades and these BBQ Chicken Packets are…read more »

Meal Plan Monday #23

Hey y’all!  It’s time for another amazing Meal Plan Monday!  This post is packed with tons of amazing food so be sure to scroll all the way down to get all the goodness! We are…read more »

Beat the oppressive summer heat with these amazingly easy Sweet Tea Ice Pops!

Sweet Tea Ice Pops

It was early morning.  Jack was pressed firmly against me as we bounced along on the bus.  His arms wrapped tightly around my left arm; the orange glow of sunrise flashed on his face as…read more »

Meal Plan Monday #22

Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday! Some of your favorite food bloggers from around the web contribute their best recipes to help you plan out meals for your family – while keeping it…read more »

Summer BBQ with Stubb’s: Grilled Cauliflower Steaks

Last weekend, I got to host my family and friends for an amazing barbecue.  We filled the table with tons of food that you’d expect at a summertime barbecue and a few things you might…read more »

Amazingly Easy Grilled Corn

My Dad has some pretty strange eating habits.  And by strange, I don’t mean he eats weird things  – well, he does, but that’s not quite what I mean here.  He’s one of those guys…read more »

Meal Plan Monday #21

Ya gotta eat! This post will help you plan that 🙂 Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday! Some of your favorite food bloggers from around the web contribute their best recipes to help you…read more »

You won't believe how easy these Pimiento Cheese Scalloped Potatoes are! You'll never make this cheesy perfection any other way again!

Pimiento Cheese Scalloped Potatoes

I absolutely love scalloped potatoes – like LOVE them, love them.  But I’ll be honest, I hate making them.  Thinly slicing all those potatoes is a pain and is something I only do on a…read more »

This fudge icing is an amazing and super easy way to dress up a boxed brownie mix!

Fudge Iced Brownies

Fudge Iced Brownies.  Y’all.  That’s brownies with fudge on top.  Seriously.  Go ahead and wipe that drool off your face.  If you’re a chocolate lover (and even if you’re not) you’ve got to make these. …read more »

Meal Plan Monday #20

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday at Southern Bite. I hope you’ll find this post helpful! Welcome to another edition of Meal Plan Monday! Some of your favorite food bloggers from around the web contribute their…read more »

The Hot Dog Crosshatch

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.  I’m so excited to share this super easy trick that makes hot dogs even better!  (They look…read more »

Happy National Fried Chicken Day!

Happy National Fried Chicken Day!!!  I’m shouting it from the rooftops and trying my best to figure out how to change my birthday to July 6th.  I mean, this a food holiday I can get…read more »

July 4th Round-Up

Here’s a host of amazing recipes from my blogger friends and me to get your July 4th menu started just right!  Y’all enjoy! Sweet & Salty Monster Cookie Bars Red, White, and Blue Spritzers Buttery…read more »