Something Old – Something New Give-a-way! Announcing Luzianne Cold Brew Tea

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They say that iced tea is the house wine of the South and I’d certainly agree with that.  It’s a staple on any true Southern table.  And the folks at Luzianne have made it a bit easier to get a pitcher of it on that table.  They’ve just launched their new easy Cold Brew and Green Cold Brew varieties.  Luzianne, Southern Bite, and Syrup and Biscuits are going to make a lucky reader one of the first to give these new products a taste drive.  Luzianne has fixed me up with two boxes of each and some free coupons for other Luzianne great products.  That’s your something new.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll be throwing something old – a 70th Anniversary Edition DVD of Gone with the Wind.

The best part about this give-a-way is that you’ve got two chances to win.  That’s right!  My pal, Jackie, over at Syrup and Biscuits is offering the same great give-a-way and you can jump over to her blog and enter to win there too!  How exciting!!

To enter:
1. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about the South, old or new.
2. Share, tweet, pin, or share and come back tot tell me you did.
3. Visit Jackie’s blog over at for another chance to enter!


Details:  No purchase necessary.  Contest ends October 14, 1012 at 11:59 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen at random.  Odds of winning depend on the total number of entries.  Winner will be notified by email and must claim prize within 48 hours.  US residents only.  Void where prohibited.

Disclosure:  The Luzianne tea is provided by Luzianne.  The Gone with the Wind DVD is provided by

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  1. My favorite thing about the South is children being taught to say “Yes, ma’am, No, ma’am, Yes, sir, No, sir, Please and Thank you”. I’ve heard this is not practiced in some parts of the country. What a shame!….

  2. I love the South because my parents are from thr South.

  3. My Tennessee heritage from my dad was a gift.

  4. Too hard to pick. I like sweet tea, dogwoods in spring, hospitality, manners, the SEC, swinging on the porch, soul food, peaches, pecan pie, dirt roads….and on and on and on… Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I shared on FB and Twitter.

  6. Sheila Shapley says:

    The memories of sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch of my Granny’s, shelling butter beans and peas with sweat pouring down my face and swatting at gnats and flies. Knowing that when we finished we would get a cold drink and maybe go to my Aunt Bo’s to swim in the pit well.

  7. I love EVERYTHING about the south. We southerners love God, Family, Flag and USA.

    We love our families so much, we are often heard talking of our wonderful ancestors and know a great deal about them, and keep busy 24 hrs. a day, learning more.

    We have perfect friends whom we cherish, and would do anything for them. We are very friendly, hard working people who are gracious and mannerly at all times. We can attend our child’s football, baseball, basketball, or soccor game and go home and host High Tea or entertain 12 for dinner. We can do it all.!!!!!!!!
    Did I mention that southerners know what “funeral food” is and how to prepare it.
    We teach our chilren manners and they know how to behave. Oh, the scenery throughout the south is heaven to look at. I could keep going, but I am running out of space.
    Stacey, I am not entering the contest, but wanted you to know how grateful I am to God to be a citzen of the USA FROM THE SOUTH!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE Y’ALL.!!!!!!!

  8. Well, here is another Judy making a comment (and the unique thing is I am originally from TN but now a GA resident.
    Anyway, my favorite thing about the south is the weather – and the changes in the weather from HOT to sometimes snow! And being raised on Luzianne Tea falls right in as a favorite – from childhood until present – Luzianne Tea has always been THE tea!

  9. danielle d. says:

    Manners! And sweet tea. I mean how hard is it to add some sugar?

  10. Gayle Vorreyer says:

    Magnolia trees, hot/humid summers, y’all, ma’am, sir, and church on Sunday..followed by family dinners and a lazy afternoon… The four seasons…the changing leaves, and the shining waters of the Gulf.. Thank God I am Southern born and bred!! And my iced tea is in my hand after my morning coffee until I go to bed!! 🙂

  11. Gayle Vorreyer says:

    Shared the page on FB too!!! 🙂

  12. Martha Montgomery says:

    Family, gathered after church, listening to our elders talk about when “they” were children. Making Blackberry Ice Cream in a “crank” machine…I’m from Virginia and now live in Georgia. I never drink coffee, but I drink iced tea all year round…..and when it’s really cold outside, I drink hot tea with milk and sugar. I love living in the south y’all.

  13. Brenda Shirey says:

    My favorite thing about the south?? The FOOD!! I am originally from upstate NY and moved to Louisiana in April 2000. I have also GAINED about 40 pounds since moving here. I can’t blame it all on the great food though, but it sure did play it’s part! The warm weather and not having to shovel snow comes in a close second.

  14. Shannon Scott says:

    The people, of course!

  15. Shannon Scott says:


  16. Shannon Scott says:


  17. Cheyenne Renard says:

    I love the south because it has class and the southern traditions. The respect one is taught is great yes mam and No thank you . True Americans are from the south love it so much would love to know more about traditions Love the movie Gone with the wind would love to own it and l love the Luzianne teas Thank you so much

  18. Tracey Pullum says:

    My favorite thing about the south is the nicer weather! I love living in Tennessee. I went through 2 blizzards in Ohio as a kid, that was enough for me.

  19. Diane, Winter Park, FL says:

    Right now, since I am in the sunshine state and autumn is nowhere to be found (going green has a whole other meaning down here), I must say the beautiful colors everywhere and the nip in the air in the evenings.

  20. I love the food & the Smoky Mountains.

  21. Betty Sievert says:

    Favorite things about the south – let”s see, looking for teaberries in the woods, mulberries, chinkepins, (those who know, know).

  22. I love the South for the friendly people and closeness of families. I love the Southern food and the fellowships with lots of food at the Southern churches. The Southern people don’t mind speaking to you and showing you a good time when you visit them. They are so friendly and good cooks. I was most impressed when someone was sick how the churches and neighbors would help out with the cooking, laundry, grocery shopping and even taking care of the sick person. The Southern people are just so nice. The older generation love to tell about their young years and many of them just make you laugh with so many funny pranks. Such good people.

  23. Jane Hodge says:

    The South – where God and family come first. Sweet iced tea is a must. Country life – just doesn’t get any better.

  24. I’ve only been to the South once — Louisiana and West Virginia — and it was one of my favorite vacations ever! Everyone is polite and there is so much beautiful scenery. Oh, and did I mention the FOOD!

  25. Some things I love about the South…….our love of God and family, our laid back nature, manners, Friday night football, our four seasons to admire God’s creation, and last but not least, the glorious food!

  26. Joann Thiessen says:

    I love that sweettea seems to be one word instead of two in the south.

  27. apple blossom says:

    love the southern accent…
    thanks for the giveaway

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  28. apple blossom says:


    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  29. having been in the business world and working with lots of different people from different parts of our country I think the thing I like best are our different accents of the South, makes us so unique and it’s always the topic of conversation from the person on the other end of the phone line…

  30. Joy Elliott says:

    shared on facebook. My favorite thing about the south is the food. I was born and raised in the south we have food at every event. We also feed everyone

  31. Lifelong resident of the South. Love the people, the changing
    of the seasons, the food, everything about the South.

  32. My favorite thing about the south would probably be the food and they have good manners.

  33. Shared on facebook!!!

  34. The Southern hospitality, sweet tea, and food are amazing!

  35. the food!

  36. I love everything about the South and feel so blessed to have been born and raised there. As they say, American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.

  37. I love being from the South, but I must say one of my favorite things is Southern food.

  38. Stacey,
    I just pinned this post!

  39. My favorite thing is mac n’ cheese with fried chicken at my grandmother’s house. Then after eating, going outside to play and watching this rain & lighting in the sky. Best thing.

  40. The food, of course! (namely GRITS!) and the good ole’ southern charm!

  41. Tweeted!! 🙂

  42. My favorite thing about the south is the people followed closely by Sweet Tea.

  43. Tweeted

  44. mary fanara coleman says:

    Actually my favorite thing about the South is History. I love the rich history of the past. Plus it is so beautiful. Oh and the food.

  45. mary fanara coleman says:
  46. I love Gone with the Wind, it is my favorite movie of all time. My favorite thing (s) about the south, magnolia trees, family history, respect & traditions. Oh and the tea of course!

  47. Mary white says:

    I love the people of the South. Always ready to help their neighbors, Traditions of the way your are suppose to brew tea. My Mamow taught me how to make tea. You get a china teapot pour in hot water to temper the pot, you boil water and pour over teabags and let sit 15 minutes till it ready to pour in to pitcher of sugared water and ice cubes.

  48. Mary white says:

    I have shared on facebook!!

  49. Dianna Griffin says:

    No a/c in our house so windows throw open and sleeping at the foot of the bed by the window to catch the breeze and flipping the pillow to the cool side.

  50. I love Southern twangs! And seafood boils are my most favorite southern thing…well those and Mardi Gras!

  51. Sweet tea and black eyed peas!!!!

  52. Fried chicken, homemade biscuits and sliced tomatoes for breakfast like my grandma made for us Yum!!

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